20 Korean Nail Arts You’ll Love to Try

While other neighboring countries of Korea, such as China and Japan focus on their age-old culture and traditions, Korean nail artists are creating a new trend of their own.

Shattered glass nail was a trendy nail design before 2019. Now the trend has changed and here are some futuristic Korean nail arts to rock the party in 2020.


Stunning Korean Nail Arts

Korean nail art is different and distinct from other nail art existing out there. You’ll surely have space to breathe on social media if you have Korean nail art. Let’s see how Korean nail art can make you stand out from the crowd.


korean 3d nail art



korean christmas nail



korean nails stickers



korean acrylic nails



korean gel nails



korean almond nails



korean flag nail art



korean winter nails



korean purple nails



korean glitter nail


#11. The Glaze of Diamonds

Diamond glaze Korean nail art

If you are more into shiny looks you can absolutely have this type of nails that is available at Korean nail art salon. This was the Korean nail art trend in 2020. Grab this Korean nail art to shine brighter than before in 2020 also.

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#12. Better Half

half & half korean nail design

This is another innovative Korean nail art designs from nail artists. This design is very simple yet it looks beautiful. Because simplicity is the ultimate beauty. If you are planning to have something plain and beautiful, this is the perfect one for you.


#13. Flower Accent

flower accent Korean nail

Keeping half of the nails different from the other half is a popular trend in Korean nail art designs. You can paint your nails with yellow color, then accentuate one nail with a flowery image like that of the picture.


#14. Reigning Rings

Korean nails are very famous on Instagram. Korean nails on Instagram is a largely searched keyphrase in google. You can have this stunning Korean nail art to hit the floor of Instagram. These different types of rings are complimenting the whole design.


#15. Colorful Bliss

If you like it colorful, this Korean nail art is made for you. You can paint your nails with different colors and combine them in an organized pattern to give them a luxe look.

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#16. Futuristic Nails

Futuristic korean nail design

Korean nail artists are innovative and they have invented a whole brand new nail art design. They are anticipating the future of nail designs. Thus, you can have these removable wires as futuristic nail art. Who knows? This design might blow away everyone’s mind in 2020. Just be careful while attaching the wires.


#17. Shattered Glass Nails

shattered glass nails

If you are a real fashionista, you already know about this Korean nail art. This shattered glass nail design was groundbreaking in 2016. Since then girls are searching Korean nail art to apply them on their nails. You can have this signature Korean nail art to adorn your nails.


#18. Variety

If you are bored with the conventional nail art of repeating a pattern in each nail, you can try this one. Every single nail is designed with different patterns to add variety to this design. You can have this Korean nail art to make a difference.


#19. Traditional Images

traditional korean nail design

Koreans are not only coming up with modern art and designs, but they are also obsessed with their nationalism and culture. You can depict some of their traditional images like that of wedding ducks in your Korean nail art.


#20. Creativity at It’s Best

black matte korean nail idea

A simple idea can change the whole world. If you are creative enough, the world will be at your feet sooner or later. Have a look at this Korean nail art which might come into play in nail art trends 2018. If you are up for taking the risk, you can try this Korean nail out.

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Korean nail art is a bit different than other nail art. You can have these nails if you want to outperform other nail design geeks in your surroundings. I have tried to discuss the best ideas here, you can check out our other articles for further reading. Hope you will find the perfect fit for your nails from our designs.

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