In the world of fashion, black and gold nail designs turned out to be a secret beauty treasure that every woman tries to own!

And since treasures are made up of gold, a chic black color is added making a marvelous color combination. Who knows? You ladies might find that treasure in your own nails!


Most Elegant Black And Gold Nail Design Ideas

Being the hottest colors on earth doesn’t stop these two from being together! In fact, black and gold nail designs have been widely popular ever since ancient manicure was born.

But why is that? Maybe, it is due to the fact that these styles are just suitable for everyone wearing anything at any time going anywhere!

Check out the list below made up of 51 different black & gold fancy nail design options and get ready to look fabulous!

#1. Black to Gold Ombre Nails

Black to Gold Ombre Nails


#2. Black Gold Nails with Rhinestones

Black Gold Nails with Rhinestones


#3. Gold And Black Short Nails

Gold And Black Short Nails


#4. Black And Gold Long Nails


#5. Black + Gold Stiletto Nails

Black Gold Stiletto Nails


#6. Black Gold Coffin Nails


#7. Black And Gold Round Nails


#8. Black Gold Almond Nails


#9. Square Shaped Black Gold Nails


#10. Black White And Gold Nails

Black White And Gold Nails


#11. Black Nails with Gold Tips


#12. Golden Black Nails for Prom

Golden Black Nails for Prom


#13. Black And Gold Acrylic Nails


#14. Red Black And Gold Nails

Red Black And Gold Nails


#15. Black + Gold Marble Nails


#16. Gold And Black Chrome Nails


#17. Gold And Black Cat Eye Nails


#18. Black Gold Wedding Nails


#19. Gold And Black Sparkle Nails


#20. Black And Gold Christmas Nails

Black And Gold Christmas Nails


#21. Fancy Nancy

 Fancy Nancy black and gold nail designs

Gold  Glitter on the black base is a style that will hardly fade away. You can wear it for celebrations because well glitter is used on special occasions. Don’t wear it to funerals, sparkles were never made for upsetting situations.

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#22. Easily Home-Manicured

black and gold nail designs 2

To get a fresh and ridiculously easy home mani you could try combining black &  golden glitter having a black base and a small line of golden glitter.


#23. Black and Rose Gold Nails

black and gold nail line design

Break the rules and be a rebel! Use horizontal, vertical, and oblique egg nog golden lines to decorate your matte simple black base.


#24. Shiny Stickers

Shiny black and gold nail art

Go stylish by wearing this design full of golden shiny stickers.


#25. Busy Bee

short black nail design

Working hard all week as a busy bumblebee can be an obstacle for us busy young ladies.

We tend to lack ample time to salvage ourselves from the horrors of everyday life like “black bags” under our eyes from staying up late all night trying to finish up that upcoming project that your boss is so intensely fond of, or waking up to new wrinkles you never knew they existed like the great aging magician just pulled a hell of a disappearing trick on you.

But thank god that despite all of that we are still able to take quick and good care of ourselves without resorting to looking totally neglected with this simple glossy black nail style.


#26. Tattoo Artist

black with gold nail designs

Although this might look like it needs a tattoo artist to be done, but no! This can be done simply at home or anywhere by stickers and gold nail polish.


#27. Fades Of Gold

black and gold nail designs 7

Are you wondering how to have the best look for tonight’s party? Don’t worry you got this black and gold ombre nail design that gives you the chance to shine tonight.


#28. Macaroon Gold

Macaroon gold nail designs 9

Ying and Yang is a sign that shows that there is always something good in the bad and something bad in the good.

So don’t miss designing your nails with black and gold colors and having the Ying and Yang sign on your middle finger.


#29. Stay Classy

black and gold nail designs 10

Stay classy by wearing this design! It’s easy and goes with every outfit and with every occasion.

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#30. Matte Black and Gold Nails

nice black and gold nail art

Wearing a simple matte black design might be boring on some occasions. All you need is to add a hint of gold glitter to your matte black to have the perfect black and gold nail design you need.


#31. Black and Gold Glitter Nails

black and gold nail designs 12

Rounded nails are the ones you can have and create any design you want on. In this design every finger is different.

The index finger is painted with black and a touch of gold glitter, the middle finger is designed by a triangular black shape with a smaller golden one, the ring finger is all polished with gold glittery polish, and finally, the pinky is the one with a baby pink base a touch of gold glitter.

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#32. Clashing Design

 Clashing black and gold nail for women

You can use a clashing pattern in your design and still make it a good one. Be different and strange by wearing a different design for each nail.

The pinky is the one with zigzags, the ring finger is the one with decals, the middle is the one with both decals and zigzags, while the index finger is the one with a weird pattern.


#33. Simply Successful

black and gold nail designs 13

Success is often backed up by simplicity. And what’s more simple than nails polished with simple black and a ring finger with golden glitter?

Not to mention that this design is easy and can be made at home, it takes only a few minutes and it goes with every party, every occasion, and every outfit.


#34. Black and Gold Leopard Nails

 Tiger Pattern with black and gold nail

Stop being cliche like going simple in your designs! Why don’t you try to enter this cute leopard pattern in your tiny nails?

Try this on and especially with the baby pink base, the black pattern, and the gold points touch. This is one of the best black and gold nail designs!


#35. Gold Then Black

black and gold nail designs 16

As you can see you always choose to design a black base with gold vibes. Why don’t you try to design a gold base with black?


#36. Piece Of Cake

mad black and gold nail designs

Are you out of time but you are in severe need of a suitable nail design for tonight’s dress?

Well, there is no need to worry about that anymore because this gold and black design is giving you the chance to be the beauty queen on the prom night by just wearing this simple and easy nail design.


#37. A Whole Of Fame

black and gold nail designs 18

Standing in the whole of fame is not something easy to achieve! It requires popularity, beauty, beauty, and…Beauty! Moreover, to reach beauty, you need to have the best nails that give a great touch to your outfit and skin.


#38. Gold Chevron

black and gold nail designs 19

To your simple black nail polish, add a touch of golden chevrons to the tip of the nails and a piece of rounded strass to its bottom.


#39. Tribal Collection

black and gold nail designs 20

Symbolism is the art of unspoken words. This gold background totally brings out the black signs and symbols and shed spotlights on this mysterious style.


#40. Chains

Chain design black and gold nail

Add a new taste to the simple black design everyone knows. Make this design a unique one by gluing some chains on its endings.


#41. My Hands Are On Fire

black and gold nail designs 24

This golden orange at the tips and the bottom of the nail, and all over the nails with a black background gives a hot power to your nails. But don’ forget to call 911 cause this design is gonna put your hands on fire!

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Recreating original nail designs might not be facile. Choosing the right ones that go with the right occasion and increase your outfit by a factor of 10 is something only professionals are capable of doing. But that’s what you’ve got us for!

We’ve got your back, and there is no doubt that these 51 premium black and gold nail designs are to die for. All that we can guarantee you is that any of these designs will make every male stare at them and every female wish she had them!

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