12 Trendiest Tribal Aztec Nail Designs for 2018

A new print has been in the spotlight for a while now, yes I’m talking about tribal Aztec print nevertheless, tribal nail design. A flashback of the retro animal prints with modern adjustments has been glanced from one fashion show to another from Gucci to Dolce&Gabbana. “As you know, in the fashion world, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”. Hidey Cloum said it best in “Project Runway US”. As floral prints and stripes patterns have ruled for decades and still in fashion today, the tribal pattern has claimed its position as number one season. For, speaking of fashion, the most basic elements of this industry are prints and patterns., not just that but reaching popular retail shops with cute mini-skirts, purses, even phone cases. And of course, nail art got a piece of that cake as well.


Tribal Vibes Nail Designs

If you wanna dress up with this popular print, clothes and accessories aren’t your only choice, for nail designers haven’t fallen back investing this fashion trend in their everyday and special nail designs. A print that came as a burst of exotic geometric patterns in vivid colors, to complement the adventures wild soul you own. Check our collection of 12 tribal nails to find the ethnic vibe to match your outfit or the style you’re aiming to get.


#1. Tribal Glitter Nail Design

Tribal Glitter Nail Design nail art for women

Give your typical glitter nail design a trendy vibe by adding these tribal lines to contrast your dark grey glitter base to finally get this tribal nail design.


#2. Fresh Pastel Colors For a Tribal Design

Tribal Pastel Nail Designs

When plain pastel colored nail design is way too boring for your style today, infuse this trendy print to your favorite shades of white, light blue, and salmon pink for a cool tribal Aztec nail design. Interesting lines and fresh colors, a piece of advice get this nail design and you will never fail to attract the crowds.


#3. Ethnic Influence

Tribal Nail Art

Give your final look an ethnic vibe with these African tribal nail designs, a harmony of vibrant colors and ethnic geometric details. If you ever find that you are getting used to comfy plain clothes that are a bit boring for your normal styling choice, head to your nail salon and demand this look and be certain your look would never be plain.


#4. Black & White Tribal Nail Design

Black & White Tribal Nail Design

You might think it’s a bit complicated, but this tribal nail design requires nothing but a bit of patience to experiment with different geometrical stripes. Just above that glossy black coat, get creative with a white polish dipped nail brush, alternated with other opposite polished nails.


#5. Henna Vibes

Tribal Nails

Is that henna I see? A print we usual glance on the bodies of Indian beauties in those huge Bollywood productions, showing off their gorgeous sarees and hennas with each dance move. Don’t let all the hours you spend watching Indian movies go to waste but inspire from them a concept for your tribal nail art. After all, henna is an art itself, infuse it with nail art and get the most artistic nail design.


#6. Black & White In Pink

tribal aztec nail designs 5

Again, again and again! White and black dazzles us with its simplicity and grace. Add an accent tribal Aztec nail design to one of your nails to match those different white and black polished nails.


#7. Aligned with Tribal Prints

Aligned with tribal prints nail art you love

Mustard yellow and white bordered with a triangular pattern with tribal vibes. Fresh and fashionable design that falls easily to the eye.


#8. Ethnic Pride Nail Design

Ethnic Pride Nail Design for girl

A little culture representation on your nails can never go wrong with these tribal nails, pride your heritage and show it off with vivid ethnic shades of varnish.


We found this video interesting, hope you’ll too!

Nail Art Tutorial: Tribal / Aztec Print Over Neon Gradient

Tutorial for a bright neon gradient and a tribal print ^^ Brushes used: Detailer brush from this nail art brush set: http://winstonia.com/winstonia-something-blue-professional-nail-art-brushes-tools-kit-set-15-pcs/ A regluar, tiny paintbrush from a craftstore, trimmed to make thinner. Here’s a video on how you can do it yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWAXlpaaaew Steps: 1. Apply a basecoat and paint your nails white.


#9. Personalized Tribal Print

tribal aztec nail designs 9

Rules end and disappear when it comes to tribal patterns. Even though this pattern might be considered a cultural legacy or a print passed on by generations and generations, this doesn’t dismiss the fact that you can personalize your own print to create your own tribal nail design.


#10. Savage & Calm

tribal aztec nail designs 10

When Barbie-lovers girly-girls made up their minds and decided to try this tribal nail design trend, this is the result. A savage design created with the calmest of color tones pink and white.


#11. Exciting Mix

tribal aztec nail designs 11

Mix and match those summer polish shades you’ve got, to create this fun exciting tribal nail design.


#12. Glitter Dusted

favorite tribal Aztec nail art

Some might believe glitter is more than enough to get cute girly nails, but they’ve never seen the match made between pink, blue and white tribal print and golden glitter dust.

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After checking our list, haven’t you figured out that the easiest way to draw the eyes down to your nails, is designing them with the wildest tribal-inspired prints? A pattern that has been trendy ever since it was show cased last spring, and claimed its right to stay in the fashion world after attracting women of all ages. A design flexible for everyone’s taste and style. The boho-chic style that’ll flatter your pedicured nails as you’re going to look for this season as well. The bottom case, this print doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon, so get on track and try to infuse this animal ethnic Aztec pattern in your outfit or simply your nails.

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