20 Football Nail Arts 2018 to Support Your Favorite Team

When anyone utters the word ‘football’ two things come to my mind at the same time.  I wonder whether they mean American football or the other football which is played worldwide. In America and Canada, they mean “Gridiron Football” by the word ‘football’. And they call it ‘soccer’ what is known as ‘football’ to rest of the world. No worries! I will cover both  American football and soccer nail arts to fulfill the demand of all nationalities across the world. There are millions of diehard football supporter who sacrifice their sleep just to watch the night football games of their favorite teams. Even instances of violence against the rival fans are not so rare incidents to refer. If you are a crazy fan of football, I know you are searching for ideas to design your nails with the logo and flag of your favorite team and the jersey number of your favorite players. We know your needs, that is why this time it’s all about football nail arts.


Football Nail Arts for Diehard Football Fans

There are a lot of football leagues out there. FIFA Worldcup is called “The Greatest Show on Earth” because of the vastness and hype of this event. Every FIFA enlisted country fights a long battle to get the chance in the Worldcup, only 32 countries qualify. And the renowned leagues are as such: English Premier League. Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga etc. And in America, the one and only dominating league is The National Football League(NFL) consisting of 32 teams.  As a football fan, you can never leave your nails blank when there is a league being played. I have tried to depict the most popular teams in every league in my design. Most exciting thing is we are so close to next FIFA World Cup which is to be held on 2018. Every nation around the world is going indulged in this battle of foots so why let your nail miss the fun! If your team goes missing, advanced apologies for that. Enough of talking, let’s move to the designs.

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2 EASY FOOTBALL NAIL ART DESIGNS / Last Minute Superbowl Nail Ideas

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#1. Football Pitch

Football Field Nail Arts

A smooth and clean football pitch is the prerequisite of a fair football match. So, a green and grassy pitch is a must in this game. Play with different shades of green nail polish on your nail. Now draw a football on a nail to complement the field. Your football nail art is ready.

Try Lime & Lemony Greens on your nail


#2. The NFL

NFL Football Nail Arts

This design is all about American football. The logo of the NFL is painted in one nail along with a striped green field and the image of a gridiron football. If you prefer American football to soccer, you can have this football design.


#3. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Nail Design

Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. If you are a fan of them, you can inscribe their name on the glittery base of your nails.


#4. 5-0 Lead

Football Nail Design Ideas

This is only for you if you want your favorite player to contribute in getting the outstanding 5-0 start against your rivals. Write 5-0  and the jersey number of your favorite player to inspire him. If your team is Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers is your favorite player, this design is made just for you.


#5. Detroit Lions

This design is for the fans of Detroit Lions. You can draw the logo, a football, and a helmet to make people understand that you are talking about the NFL. Use some rhinestone on one or two nails to add the glee.


#6. Dallas Cowboys

Fan of Dallas Cowboys? You are lucky then. The color combination and the logo are perfect to have football nail designs.


#7. Purple Football

If you are soccer fan you would love to try to draw the images of traditional football on your nails. Draw these footballs with purple manicures to have this football nail art.


#8. All About Soccer

soccer nail art

Goal posts, the center of the field. green pitch and football; what more is required to show your love for soccer? This design is all about soccer.

Try Different Shades of Blue on your nail


#9. Chelsea

Chelsea is a football club of English Premier League(EPL). Royal blue represents the club. Your love for Chelsea can be expressed by these blue football nail arts.


#10. Colorful Football

The conventional patterns of a soccer ball can be a good design. If you like it colorful, you can draw colorful footballs on your nails.


#11. Arsenal

Another dominating club of EPL is Arsenal. You can have their logo designed on your fingertips. A Nike logo and an image of football can be associated with the football nail arts.


#12. The Red Devilsred devil football nail art

Manchester United aka The Red Devils are the hotcakes of EPL. They have always been in the fight of being the champion from the very beginning. You can draw the logo of Manchester United and the special jersey number 7 on your nails to have your desired football nail arts.


#13. American Football

If you love American football more than soccer, then this design is for you. The logo of the top teams in the NFL is drawn here. You can have these logos painted for your football nail arts.


#14. FIFA Worldcup

Flag Nail art design

This design is the perfect choice for the football or soccer lovers. No matter which team you support or to which continent you belong, you get to love this design. Football teams from all the continents have been depicted here.

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#15. Die Mannschaft

Die Mannschaft is the nickname of German Football Team. Germany is the reigning champion right now and they are likely to retain the Championship in 2018 cup too. You can have the flag of Die Mannschaft drawn on your nails.


#16. la Albiceleste

A fan of Messi and Argentina? This is the perfect design for the ‘White And Sky Blues’. They are mostly remarked as la Albiceleste by their fans. Argentina is the runner-up of the previous Worldcup and they are very popular worldwide in every continent. Messi is the most loved and respected footballer in the world. So, this design is a must if you are a fan of Argentina as well as Messi.


#17. The Seleção

Brazil national football team is known as the Seleção all over the world. They are the most successful soccer team in the history of world football winning FIFA Worldcup for five times. Football fans all around the globe can have this football nail design to show support to their favorite team Brazil.


#18. FC Bayern München

Bayern Munich is the top team in German Bundesliga, which is the premier soccer league in Germany. If you are a fan of FC Bayern München, try out this design for your football nail arts.


#19. Força Barça


Força Barça means “Go Barca”. Barcelona Football Club has one of the strongest fanbases in club football. People always wait for the match of Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. This match is named as ‘el classico’ for its long-lived classic rivalry between these two teams of Spanish La Liga.


#20. Hala Madrid

Let’s go Madrid. Real Madrid is one of the most celebrated teams across the globe. Their fans cheer them up by saying ‘Hala Madrid’ which means- Let’s go Madrid. You can have this design done as your nail arts if you are a Madrid fan.

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There is no set limit of decorating your nails with football designs. Thousands of different football teams are out there and every team has some fans. We have just mentioned the most prominent ones here. You can have the logo of your local team or the jersey number of local football hero on your nails to show your support for them.  We are here to give you the exclusive ideas to have perfect football nail arts on your nails.

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