15 Minimalist Nail Art To Design More With Less

Minimalism refers to the movements which first developed in the 1990s and early 1970s. Minimalist artists focus on eliminating the unnecessary forms and features of any artwork to keep it simple and meaningful.

The movements were mainly in effect in various forms of visual art and music. Minimalist designers are against the complexities of the abstract art where there are meaning and patterns hiding in the design. Minimalist views are more precise.

There is nothing hidden here. The shapes and patterns will be as simple as they are found in nature and you can design more with less hassle by the proper organization of the minimal designs.


Minimalist Nail Art to Keep It Simple & Beautiful

If you ever get tired of having different kinds of nails that need extra care and attention, you may need to switch to minimalist nail art. Minimalist nails are the most simple looking nails you’ll ever get to see.

The application process is also as simple as their looks. Adding a dot or a stripe will do good to form a minimalist nail art. There is no difficulty, no worry, just design the nails as you like keeping it organized and beautiful.

But, you need guidance even for the easiest things you will do for the first time. Here I am to guide you to the right path of having the perfect minimalist nail art.

#1. Dotted Nail Art

Black dot minimalist nail design

Paint your almond nails with any light color then use black dots as minimalist nail art. But, there should be an organized pattern. Here in this picture, one dot and three dots have been drawn alternatingly on the nails.

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#2. Right in the Middle

striping tape minimalist nail design

This is a very simple minimalist art. Place a straight striping tape or paint a straight line right in the middle of the nude nails. Your minimalist line nail art is ready to be exposed.


#3. The V-shape

minimalist chevron nail art

This design looks like chevron nails. It’s quite similar and a simplified version of chevron. You can have your nails painted with V-shaped nails as minimalist nail art.


#4. Just a Dot

Paint a dot on each nail. You can design more with such less effort. That’s the beauty of minimalist nail art.


#5. Black Tipped Nails

If you are not content with the idea of painting just some dots, you can have this design. Paint the tip of your nails with black and put a dot at the lower edges of the nails. This minimalist nail art will surely be admired.


#6. Minimalist Gel Nails

This design is very interesting. Paint your nails with any light color. Draw some lines which resemble the eyelashes. And paint an illuminating eye. That’s it, the omniscient eye minimalist nail art is ready.


#7. Dipped in Colors

colorful tip minimalist nail

Dip the top edges of your nails into different colors. This is one of the simplest designs you’ll ever encounter. Apply a top coat, then dip the nails to have minimalist nail art like this one.


#8. The Horizon

Bisect the nails by drawing a horizontal line in the middle of the nails. You can create a horizon on your light pink nails by having such minimalist nail art.

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#9. Little Glitters

minimalist glitter nail art

Don’t think that minimalist nail art is so rigid about making the nail shine. Just don’t go overboard with anything. Add a little bit glitters at the bottom edge of the nails to have this design.


#10. Small Squares

Enough with dots and straight lines, now put some squares on your nails. You can draw the squares in plain colors or use dots too. This minimalist nail art looks amazing.


#11. Monochrome

Monochrome refers to the display of black and white only. You can use black and white patterns like this one while doing minimalist nail art.


#12. Minimal Short Nail Art

clear minimalist nail design

Be it rectangular or dots, you can use black spots to draw hundreds of minimalist nail art. This short nail design is a combination of two different shapes.


#13. Innovative Minimalist Nail Art

You don’t have to keep it simple all the time. A bit innovation is always welcomed under any circumstances. Paint this innovative patterns of black and white on your nails to have a brand new set of minimalist nails.


#14. Random Patterns

random pattern minimalist nail

Well-arranged patterns give the best looks undoubtedly. Sometimes, you may defy the need of being organized. There’s nothing wrong with painting random patterns as long as the nails look beautiful. You can have this minimalist nail art to look different.


#15. Minimalist Line Nail Art

striping tape minimalist nail

You can apply color to minimal nails. Draw some colorful lines in the middle of your nude nails. Black and red colors are alternated with golden glitters in this design. One or two simple designed rings will complement the whole minimalist nail art.

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Minimalist nail art is mainly for the lazy cool girl who wants to expose an artistic attitude but is lazy as hell.

A simple nail design will prove you a person of great aesthetic taste if you have minimalist nail art on your nails. So, don’t miss to grab this chance. Be inspired by our designs, be a cool fashionista.

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