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30 Eye-Catching Black Tip Nails That Are Simply Elegant

Are you looking for black nail tips? Well, you should be as it’s in-trend right now! The trend of nail fashion is changing every year. The same design is modified in many ways to add a new look to the existing design.

So, having only a single color on your nails is kind of old fashion. Girls are using a different color on the tip of nails whereas the base is another color. In this regard, black is one of the most dominating colors for being used on the tip after the french tip.

The elegance of black can be used very efficiently on the fingertips. You can have black tip nails super easily by following the guidance of our website.


Amazing Black Tip Nails to Look Gorgeous

Black tip of any nail complements the whole nail color and design together. If you can have the right type of black color and the right pattern designed with them, it will look stunning for sure.

That’s why choosing color type is very important as the look of acrylic, matte, gel, etc differ from each other to a great degree. The process of having black tip nails is very simple.

All you have to do is paint the tip with the right angle and pattern which will suit the shape and design of your nails. Have a look at the following designs for better understanding.


grey nails with black tips

grey nails with black tips



clear nails with black tips

clear nails with black tips



black tip halloween nails

black tip halloween nails



black tip long nails

black tip long nails



black tips nails with pink

black tips nails with pink


#6. Black Tip Coffin Nails 

Black Tip on Coffin Nails 


#7. Almond Nails with Black Tips

Black Tip Almond Nails 


#8. Square Shaped Black Tip Nails

Square Shaped Black Tip Nails


#9. Black Tipped Stiletto Nails

Black Tip Stiletto Nails


#10. Gold Nails with Black Tips

Gold Nails with Black Tips


#11. Beige Nails + Black Tips


#12. Black Sparkle Tip Nails


#13. Black Tipped Gel Nails


#14. Black Tip on Acrylic Nails


#15. Matte Black Tip Nails

Matte Black Tip Nails


#16. Little Flower

Black Tip Nail Design With Flower

A simple black tip nail design for you. First, paint your nails in transparent polish. Then color the tips of the nails in black. You can use some thin glitters to make it shine. Draw little flower-like shapes on the black tip. You can draw the flowers with silver glitters to make them prominent.

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#17. Black Dots

black french tip nails

Very easy design to accomplish but it looks gorgeous after having them. Use a nude base for this design. Draw a big dot with a dotting tool in the lower part of the nail bed. And paint the tip with black colors. Your black tip nails are ready.


#18. Black Tip Nails with Glitter

You can use black edgy lines on silver glitter tips of your nude nail. At first, use silver glitters on the tip of your nails then give it the charm of black stain. Balck tip solar nails will look beautiful in between silver color.


#19. Chevron Black Tips

black tip nail designs

The nails are gracefully designed with a golden touch at the edge of these black tip nails. Draw M-shaped black pattern on your nail tips. Then use golden color to draw a narrow stripe touching the edges of the black color.


#20. Rhinestones Enchantment

 black nail tips with rhinestones

Rhinestones can enhance the beauty of your black tip nails within a minute of their presence. You can use rhinestones among black patterns to give it a contrasting look. Then paint the tip of your light pink nude nails in black to have your desired black tip nails.


#21. V-Shaped Black Tips

V-shaped tips are largely popular among the girls. These tips suit only oval, squoval, almond, stiletto shaped nails. Short nails will look odd with V-shaped black tip nails. Draw the edges of your nails in black so that they form a V shape.


#22. Keep It Simple


 Black Tip Solar Nails

Keep it simple. Just paint your solar nails’ tip with pure shiny black to dazzle the eyes of your friends right away. This simple nail designs will do the trick for your black tip nails.

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#23. Silver Sensation

Fill the surface of your nail bed with silver shiny base nail polish. Then paint the edges with black color. Black tip nails look beautiful on shiny nail beds.


#24. Negative Space

Keeping negative spaces in between V-shaped black tips can be a good choice to design your black tip nails. Draw the nails with V-shaped black tips first, then keep a space and draw another narrow v-shape. This space will complement this design to a great extent.


#25. Lucrative Lace

You don’t have to keep the black tip simple and plain every time. If you have an artistic mind and want to design your nails with something fashionable, this design is for you. Paint the tip of your nails in black but apply nail art there. These black art will add a new dimension to your black tip nails.


#26. Pointed Black Tips

Black Tip Stiletto Nail

If you have nude stiletto nails and want to have black tip, this is for you. Use black and white on the pointy tips of your nails. These tips will increase the beauty of your stiletto nails.


#27. Passionate Purple

Don’t worry if you have different colors on your nails. Here is a black tip nail design for your purple nails.


#28. Black and Red

Red nails look immensely attractive if you use black color to paint the edges. First, paint your nails with red color then complete the black tip nails using V-shaped black tips.


#29. Bow

You can use bow designs on your nails. Paint the upper part of your nude nails with black color. Then draw some white dots. You can draw a bow with red color on the fingernail to have black tip nails.


#30. Graceful Black

black tip acrylic nails

This design is utterly outstanding. All you have to do is painting the edges with the right pattern. If you can have black tips like that shown in the picture, it will give the best look for your black tip nails.

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Balck tips are mainly associated with nude nails. But you can mix them with other colors for a different look. A little modification can have a great impact on your nails. I hope this article will help you do things correctly.

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