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25 Youthful Quinceanera Nails to Get Inspired

Your quinceanera party is just around the corner. Your dress is picked out; the shoes have arrived. You have set a date with the salon for your make-up. The teeny-tiny thing that’s left to attend to is the nails. Or did you forget about them? Of course, you didn’t! Quinceanera nails are all the rage now. Mid-teen girls are hardly likely to leave their cuticles unattended.


Beautiful Quinceanera Nails

Nails for quinceanera are meant to celebrate youth and vivaciousness of a young girl. While historically, this ceremony was linked to the entry of a girl into the phase of womanhood, things are thankfully, a little less serious now. For the girl in question, it is a day of fun and attention.


red quinceanera nailsred quinceanera nails



light pink quinceanera nails

light pink quinceanera nails



coral quinceanera nails

coral quinceanera nails



purple quinceanera nails

purple quinceanera nails



silver quinceanera nails

silver quinceanera nails



pink and gold quinceanera nails

pink and gold quinceanera nails



royal blue quinceanera nails

royal blue quinceanera nails



champagne quinceanera nails

champagne quinceanera nails



jewels quinceanera nails

jewels quinceanera nails



glitter quinceanera nails

glitter quinceanera nails


11. Quinceanera Coffin Nails

coffin shaped quinceanera nails


12. Gold Nails for Quinceanera Event

gold quinceanera nails


13. Quinceanera Nails with Burgundy Color

burgundy color quinceanera nails


14. Acrylic Quinceanera Nails

acrylic quinceanera nails


15. Quinceanera Nails with Rose Gold Color 

rose gold nails for quinceanera event


16. Trendy French Manicure

french manicure

Quinceanera nails need to be sophisticated without looking too old-fashioned. If you are thinking French manicure is so 20th century, who said you can’t glam it up? There are two ways of going about this.

You can use the original nude or light base color and paint the tips chrome or metallic. Alternatively, you can use a dark base color (think dark grey or navy blue) and paint the tips in a nude or light pink shade. Stunning!

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17. Glitter Half-Moons

quinceanera glitter half moon nails

Your nails for quinceanera need to match your dress. And your dress is most probably going to have some portions sequined. To match the shine, you choose glitter half moons.

This style is perfect for a quinceanera party as it is not too flashy, being restricted only to the rounded cuticle section. The rest of the nail can be painted in any shade, from cream to royal purple.


18. Floral Patterns

floral pattern quinceanera nails

Nothing looks more feminine than flowers and floral patterns. To complement the feminity and beauty of the general attire, a floral pattern on the nail is a great idea. You can go for bold flowers on all fingernails or may choose to concentrate on a single nail.

Alternatively, you can choose to paint little dainty flowers in keeping with the season. Floral quinceanera nails never go wrong.


19. Shattered Glass Pattern

quinceanera Shattered glass style

Another pattern of nails for quinceanera that is catching attention is the shattered glass pattern. The nail seems to have been overlaid with shards of glass, giving it a dramatic look.

You can choose the shade of the shattered glass. It can be golden or may even be a mix of light pastel shades.


20. Matte-and-Glitter

If you want to look elegant and glamorous, go for the two types of shade that are just that. Nothing beats matte finish for something classy.

But it does have a slightly stuffy feel to it. For quinceanera nails, you can spice it up by adding a dash of glitter. The placement of the two shades is really up to your imagination.


21. Marble Nails

marble nails for quinceanera party

Marble cake for a quinceanera party? Then what’s stopping you from sporting marble quinceanera nails?! Marble nails are as stylish as marbles themselves, with all their cracked texture and sheen.

Admittedly, it is a difficult effect to achieve and not many manicurists can pull this off well. So if you are planning on marble nails, do spend time on them.

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22. Ombre Nails

ombre nail design

Ombre nails need not be too passe. If you choose the right shade to go with the rest of your getup, ombre nails can look really cute. Think pink or even red. The deeper the transition, the better, as it brings out the clash of colors beautifully.


23. Blue Quinceanera Nails 

Velvet Polish quinceanera nail design

Just like matte, velvet nails for quinceanera are an up-and-coming trend. The texture of the nail itself is the highlight, in this case, so you might not want to ruin the effect by using any major embellishment. A gold strip or a few crystals will be enough to set the look.


24. Lace Nail Art

lace quinceanera nail art

If your quinceanera dress is a lacy little wonder, match it with equally delicate lace quinceanera nails. Lattice or lace artwork is feminine.

Also, do not think that all the lace artwork will have to be done in white. Many manicurists are coming up with ombre lace artwork as well, which looks like a bit of fairy-fabric on the nails!


25. Quinceanera Chrome Nails

chrome quinceanera nails

Chrome quinceanera nails are a no-brainer. Nothing attracts attention to the cuticles better than a chrome finish to it. All you need to be careful about is whether it goes with the rest of your attire.

Chrome nails are flashy. So if you have flashy jewelry as a part of your attire, please go ahead and chrome your nails. Otherwise, you may want to choose a more muted shade.

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A quinceanera party is a time for being both a child and a woman. Quinceanera nails, correspondingly, should be fun and graceful at the same time. These designs are a sure-fire way to move into the world of womanhood!

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