20 Classy Maroon Matte Nails You Must See

If you are ready to have a perfect Fall manicure then these maroon matte nails are it! Looking stylish and chic has never been easier before. This dark red/burgundy manicure will make you feel like a Fall goddess and will definitely attract many looks. The question is; Are you ready for all of that attention?


Maroon Matte Nail Ideas

After you choose your wanted and trusted nail salon, you are one step closer to sealing the deal. The other ”must-have” thing when doing your nails is the picture.

Make sure you have a proper picture of your wanted manicure (that you’ve downloaded off of our site) and show it to your nail tech.

You’ll definitely make her life a lot easier with a straight-up design instead of just rambling words of what you think it should look like.

1. Burgundy Maroon Nails

Burgundy maroon nails with a tint of purple look gorgeous on all skin tones. And if you want to make your mani stand out, don’t forget about those tiny golden rhinestones applied at the base of your nail. 


2. Dark Red Matte Nails

matte maroon red nails

Simple, yet effective. This is how matte maroon red nails look, especially if you get a medium almond shape. Your mani will suit all outfits and be perfect for all occasions. 


3. Glittery and Matte Nails

matte maroon nails with glitter

Square matte maroon nails with glitter can be a real work of art. Decorate the middle finger with golden rhinestones to add even more glam.


4. Diamond Matte Nails

matte maroon nails with diamond

Matte maroon nails with diamond stones and rhinestones are perfect for ladies who love having a refined manicure. They are ideal for elegant dresses and occasions where you need to look neat and classy. 


5. Extra Long Matte Nails

matte maroon and black nails

You are a real queen if you can pull off nails with such a length. Sport matte maroon and black nails with a square shape if you really want to transform your many in a statement. 


6. Square Red Wine Nails

matte maroon fake nails

Matte maroon fake nails that are built with acrylic gel are classy and suit any outfit. Add golden rings because these two colors will perfectly work together. 


7. Red Matte Nails with Gold Design

matte maroon nails on dark skin

Matte maroon nails on dark skin look truly breathtaking! Decorate some of the nails with Indian-inspired paintings and apply golden rhinestones and decorations on the ring finger. 


8. Extra Rhinestones

matte maroon nails with rhinestones

Matte maroon nails with rhinestones are perfect for bold women who want to sport a fierce sassy look. These nails are a great mix between matte and sparkly and ideal for a night out.


9. Maroon Matte Coffin Shaped Nails

matte maroon coffin nails

Long coffin-shaped nails already look gorgeous with a matte finish over a maroon polish. But if you want to make your mani look even more interesting, spare the middle and ring fingernail corners when applying the matte topcoat. 


10. Maroon and Gold Nails

maroon and gold matte nails

When you want something extravagant for your hands, opt for shiny golden nail polish, a matte burgundy nuance, and, of course, glitter. The textures will gorgeously combine, resulting in an elegant sublime mani.


11. Matte Maroon Almond Nails

classic matte maroon almond nails

Short almond nails that come in a red wine color won’t pass unnoticed. For more refinement, add a matter topcoat to obtain that stunning finish. 


12. Maroon Matte Acrylic Nail Design

matte maroon acrylic nails

Once you trimmed your nails in a medium length with a square shape, it’s time to choose a design that makes your mani pop out. Go for a stunning pattern painted with white polish. 


13. Dark Maroon Matte Nail Polish

dark maroon matte nail polish

If you are a girl that likes a simple yet effective mani, dark burgundy nails cut in a short shape will give you class and elegance. After all, attitude speaks louder than looks and words.


14. Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge Maroon Nails

Nails that are straight up to business and that have some class to them. These maroon matte nails look perfect for a business meeting, and especially if you add the jewelry.

Golden or silver rings will complement any color, as well as this one. You will look fierce and chic at the same time, and you will probably close the deal at a meeting.


15. Maroon Matte Nails with Silver Glitter

Stiletto Matte Maroon Nail Art

In case you are off to the prom or any event that requires longer dresses get this design. Women all around the world have fallen for the big bling, so these gemstones and glitters are very wanted and practically impossible to avoid when doing a fancy manicure.

Mix and match your wanted colors for the ultimate formal manicure. You can have some of your nails maroon and another nails pink. It looks un-ordinary that way and original.


16. Perfect for Winter

Matte Maroon Nails with White

Heads up because winter is just around the corner. Women have been loving this maroon matte nail design with some glimpse of white details. You can also have matching manicures with your best friend and everyone will envy you.


17. Matte Maroon Stilleto Nails

Mysterious Matte Maroon Nails

If you are a fan of mystery and oriental looking nails why not give this beauty a chance? These are very long and you may need a license to show them off. Be careful since sometimes working with long nails can be a challenge.


18.  OPI Game Strong

OPI Maroon Matte Nail Art

As you probably know by now OPI nail polishes are very long-lasting and majestic. They have many different shades even when it comes to these hot red/maroon colors.

The spectrum just goes on and on. However, our advice is ”Bastille My Heart” which we think you will enjoy. Just make sure you have a mattifying topcoat over it.


19.  Short Square Sass

Marron Matte Nails For Square Shape

Shorter nails are often worn by women who are not handy with longer nails, and those who find them to be a nightmare. These maroon matte nails are short, square and just stunning.

You can get them for your college or school since they are not too bold nor fake looking. Let’s not forget to add that men love these shorter nails on women as well.


20.  Shimmery Matte

shimmery maroon matte nail polish

As we all know chrome and multi-chrome nails are trending at the moment so we had to hop onto that trend as well. We believe that these nails when mattified look awesome and practically out of this world.

That’s why not many women tend to wear them. They are a little harder to match to your outfit but totally worth the struggle, just give them a chance.

Get Most Elegant Maroon Nails


Take a Look at Some More Amazing Maroon Matte Nail Designs 


Decisions, decisions, as we like to say. These 12 unreal designs are perfect for the upcoming colder days. Which one of these 20 lucky creations will make its way up to your nails?

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