25 Kylie Jenner Nails To Keep It Up With The Trend

Kylie Jenner’s nails are inspired by one of the most followed women on Instagram and the youngest person to appear on Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

As this being said, there’s no wonder that all she wears, hair, makeup, and nails, become a trend. 


Why choose Kylie Jenner nails

Kylie Jenner’s nails are spectacular, and she loves painting them in bright, stunning colors.

If you are one of her fans, adore her look and make-up or clothing line, you will certainly love nails inspired by her look. She usually features long square-shaped nails with vivid colors or mind-blowing designs.

If you think you have a hard decision to make and don’t know what nuances to pick, you will find the best examples of outstanding Kylie Jenner nails below. 

#1. Electric Yellow

kylie jenner yellow nails

Because she is one of the most influential people globally, Kylie manages to transform everything she wears into a trend. And if you love to sport nails just like hers, opt for these impressive electric Kylie Jenner yellow nails.


#2. Dripping Paint

kylie jenner drip nails

One of Kylie’s trademarks is those impossible long nails. If you think you can get around with such length, these amazing Kylie Jenner drip nails are a great option for you. Recreate that dripping paint with a toothpick. 


#3. Cheetah Nails

kylie jenner cheetah nails

Kylie Jenner cheetah nails are a modern reinterpretation of French manicure. Create ultra-long squared shape nails and use a nude color as a base. For the tips, use a feline sticker and apply a matte finish. 


#4. Dolar Bills 

kylie jenner money nails

We all know that Kylie has all the money she can dream of, and she’s not afraid to show it. To obtain these Kylie Jenner money nails, you will need nude nail polish and all sorts of dollar bill stickers. 


#5. Square Maroon Nails

kylie jenner matte brown nails

Sometimes, the KUWTK star loves to pull off a simple mani that is just gracious and elegant. These Kylie Jenner matte brown nails have a square shape and perfectly work with her skin tone. 


#6. The Blue Charm of Kylie

 Blue Charm of Kylie jenner nails

This design is one of the most famous Kylie Jenner nails. You can paint a simple blue on your nails to have nails like that of Kylie Jenner.

Any color can be used as but blue is a go-to color when you are following someone gorgeous like Kylie.

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#7. Kylie in Pink

Kylie jenner pink nails

These light pink nails look gorgeous with the presence of a black outfit. First, you have to paint your nails with the desired pink color you want then adding some style to your look will do the rest to have Kylie Jenner nails like this one.


#8.Kylie Nails With Her Baby Daughter

Kylie jenners nail design for mothers

kylie is in every tabloid after the birth of her daughter. She came up with a cool and safe nail design to master both motherhood and styling. This can be a great nail design to be followed by the new moms. 


#9. Orange Glam for Halloween

If you are a shine lover, your nail needs these Kylie Jenner nails. This orange color will glam up your nails to a great extent. And, one can easily wear these nails on the occasion of Halloween.


#10. Kylie Jenner Nails Snapchat

Kylie Jenner is mainly popular on social sites. She has a huge fanbase on Instagram and Snapchat. You can paint your nails in teal to have this design from her Snapchat account to have Kylie Jenner nail.


#11. Kylie’s Viral Snapshot

popular kylie jenner nails

Kylie posts never go unnoticeable. You can use the glamour of  Kylie’s style to adorn your nails. These Kylie Jenner nails are looking awesome indeed. 


#12. Four in One

Make different variants of Kylie Jenner nails by altering the colors. This design resembles something very pleasant and colorful.  Hope you’ll be inspired by this four-in-one nail design.


#13. Kylie Jenner Nails Instagram

Yellow Kylie jenner nails

Any other celebrities might get envious of the fame and popularity of Kylie Jenner on Instagram. People flood her every picture with love. You can be inspired by any of her Instagram posts while having Kylie Jenner Nails.


#14. Kylie Jenner Insta-Pink Nails

Kylie Jenner insta-pink nails

Girls are also searching for Kylie Jenner pink nails to adorn their nails. You can design your nails like this picture in this regard.

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#15. Coral Hot

Don’t get upset if you don’t like matte that much. There are shiny summer Kylie Jenner nails available for you. You can simply paint your nails with coral hot color like this design.


#16. Being Neutral

Kylie jenner's nude nails

You can use different shiny colors to give a luxe look to your nails. But, a nude color can also be a great way to adorn one’s nails. The nails seem to be so natural.


#17. Fanatic Kylie Fan

Kylie jenner's fun Nails

Fans are the most beautiful things that ever happen to a celebrity. And fanatic fan does the weirdest things to show their love for the celebrity.

If you are a fan of Kylie Jenner, you can have Kylie Jenner nails like these which depict her personality and identity.

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#18. Simply Gorgeous

There is no extra effort given to these nails. Paint them simply with your favorite color. Shiny rings will complement these nails and make your Kylie Jenner nails look chicer.


#19. Pure White

You can have these pure white nails as Kylie Jenner nails. Just add tiny studs or a shade of different colors on the lower edges of the nails. Simplicity is the ultimate source of beauty. Be simple, be beautiful.


#20. Shining Glitters

This is for the shine lovers. These shining glitters looks stunning on the nail surfaces. You can adorn your ballerina nails with glitters like Kylie has done here.


#21. Kylie in Archy Purple

Kylie jenners nail design in archy purple

Kylies is not followed only for her nail designs, she carries a style that includes everything from outfits to jewelry. One may choose the overall style of Kylie for herself.


#22. Using Negative Space

Kylie Jenner doesn’t concentrate on solely nail designs, she focuses on the overall look of her fingers. You can get handy ideas from her nail designs about how negative space can create a positive impact.


#23. Sinful Evil Colours

wicked kylie jenner nail design

This is a design for a wicked look. If you want to create an evil ambiance around you, this design can do well. Wear some finger rings and deep makeup to complement these sinful colors.


#24. Dark Knight

Kylie jenners dark black nails

If you have coffin nails and want to design your nails being inspired by Kylie Jenner, you can have this design. Using black nail polish will create a trendy vibe around you and the nails will look super chic in these nail designs.


#25. Long Acrylic Nails

Acrylic kylie jenner nails

If you are determined to have a stunning nail design, you can choose this. This design is bold and expressive.

Anyone will notice them because of the added length and shine. And, if you have a makeup artist like that one of Kylie, there is no chance of looking bad.

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Attractive Kylie Jenner’s Nail Designs that Can’t be Ignored


Kylie Jenner is that kind of girl who is born to be followed. She has become successful in every sector she wanted to. That has created the acceptance of her personality in the young minds.

If you are searching for her nail designs, you are right here at the right place. Try out these Kylie Jenner nails to show love and respect for her.

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