20 Nail Polish For Dark Skin Tones to Compliment Your Natural Beauty

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Everyone has a different definition of beauty. Some are an admirer of light skin tones, whereas others prefer dark skin tones. No matter what skin tone you have, you gotta love it! We are all beautiful in our own way. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain colors that will better bring out your natural beauty. 

Nail polish, for example. That’s why we pulled together the most compatible nail polish colors for dark skin tones.

Nail Polish for Dark Skin Tones

Not every nail polish color suits dark skin tones. That’s why careful consideration needs to be given when choosing a color. It comes down to this: nude colors best match dark skin tones. Brown, light chocolate, and caramel are gorgeous options. If you absolutely desire non-skin tone shades, bright colors will do well, too.

In fact, bright colors complement a dark skin tone. We recommend pink, purple, mint blue, red, and yellow. Here are some nail designs for dark skin tones to get those wheels of inspiration spinning. 

#1. Neon Yellow

neon nail polish for dark skin

Remember how we talked about using colors for dark skin tones? A bright neon yellow couldn’t pop anymore on these short rounded nails.


#2. Five Shades of Purple

summer nail polish for dark skin

A different shade of purple is stunning on each long square nail. If you have a purple obsession, no need to choose between the different shades – use them all!


#3. Nude and Clear

nude nail polish for dark skin

If you opt for a nude nail polish to complement your dark skin tone, add a clear marbled nail for accent. It’s a subtle switch in color that makes all the difference.


#4. Beachy White

white nail polish for dark skin

For medium rounded nails, try a beachy white for stark, gorgeous contrast on dark skin tones. Use a softer white or marbled white for your accent nail.


#5. Short Orange Nails

orange nail polish for dark skin

Love the appearance of short square nails? Their practical length doesn’t have to make them boring! Choose a bright orange to bring out your energetic personality and complement your dark skin tone.


#6. Spring Ombre

spring nail polish for dark skin

The subtle fade from spring colors to clear nails is soft but as colorful as your personality. You truly can have it all with mint green, yellow, purple, pink, and blue.


#7. Periwinkle Blue

blue nail polish for dark skin

Consider yourself a true blue? Then a periwinkle nail polish is for you and your dark skin tone. This color is soft, so use it on short rounded nails. 


#8. Matte Black

black matte nail polish for dark skin

Sometimes a girl just wants a dramatic nail and in that case, black is the obvious choice! Make it matte black to truly flatter a dark skin tone.


#9. Gel Light Blue

gel nail polish for dark skin tone

A shimmery gel polish in light blue is perfect on dark skin tones. Wear it as your daily color or break it out on those sunny days to match the skies.


#10. Burberry Nail Polish

burberry nail polish for dark skin

Burberry is one brand known for its flattering brown tones. It was practically made for ladies with dark skin tones!


#11. Mint Blue for Dark Skins

mint blue nail polish on dark skin

Mint Blue is an effective color to get the nails done for a darker skin tone. This isn’t as intense as other shades of blue colors. That’s why it looks better in dark skin tones.

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#12. Maroon Magic

Maroon nail polish idea for dark skin tone

The magic of maroon can change the look of nails in any color skin tones. Be it white, brown or black, maroon can change them all for a better look. You can use maroon nail polish for dark skin tones.


#13. Yellow Ballerina

Yellow ballerina nail idea for dark skin

Some people nurture the wrong idea that yellow is only for white color skin tones. You can prove them wrong by team up your ballerina nail with yellow nail polish for dark skin tones.


#14. Neutral Nail Polish

Neutral nail polish refers to the color which resembles the color of your skin tones. At first, determine the right skin tone of yours. Then paint the nails with neutral nail polish for dark skin tones.


#15. Bright Nails for Dark Skins

Bright pink nail on dark skin

If you want to have an eye-catchy design, then these pink nails are for you. Neon colors aren’t considered to be nail polish for dark skin tones but if you are a confident woman nothing can stop you wear it with panache.


#16. Grey Nail Polish

Grey is a mild color and used largely for darker skin tones. You can undoubtedly use grey color nail polish for darker skin tones.

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#17. Purple Nails on Dark Skin

Purple is a dominating color in the nail art industry. This color suits all shapes and types of nails… and as pictured above, dark skin tones. 


#18. Light Pink Nude Nails

Pink nude colors are great for fair skin tones but also pop nicely against dark tones. Use this medium pink on long square nails for that feminine feel.


#19. Nail Polish for Brown Skin

Nail Polish for Dark Indian Skins

There is a slight difference between dark skin tones of the Indian subcontinent and other continents. The skin tone is actually brown, not dark. This dark pink shows how gorgeous a colorful nail is for dark skin tones.


#20. Metallic Nail on Dark Skins

Metallic Nail on Dark Skins

Don’t think that you are going to miss the shine of nail art. These metallic nails are proof that dark skin tones are not an obstacle to get extra shine. 

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If you can paint your nails in well-organized and well-designed ways, that will help a dark skin tone look even more beautiful. You have already read what the experts have to say about nail polish for dark skin tones. Now it’s your turn to be your own skin tone’s advocate and design your nails in the best ways possible to enhance its beauty.

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