10 Eye-Catching Purple Acrylic Nails for 2024

Purple acrylic nails look mysterious and breath-taking at the same time. If you are trying to make a statement, combine this luxuriant color with glitter or pale hues and you will attract compliments like a magnet!

In love with acrylics? Purple acrylic nails are bold and they will be your passport to an elegant glamorous mani style.

1. Purple Acrylic Square Nails

Purple Acrylic Square Nails

Use acrylic gel to make a square shape for your nails and play with textures. Use glittery, matte or shiny polishes and create fabulous designs on one of your nails.


2. Purple Short Square Nails

Purple Short Acrylic Nails

If you want a style that you can easily wear at work or meetings, a pale purple shade will do the trick. Give your nails a glamorous air with a golden floral design.


3. Light Purple Acrylic Nails

Light Purple Acrylic Nails

Spice up your mani with a breathtaking style. Get long coffin nails using acrylic gel, paint them in a pale bright purple color and dip your tips in glitter.


4. Dark Purple Nails

Dark Purple Acrylic Nails

Make your nails look imposing and fabulous with dark purple nail polish. Your hands will look classy if you opt for an acrylic gel construction.


5. Acrylic Purple Nails with Glitter

Purple Acrylic Nails with Glitter

Whenever you need to shine, build a pointy shape for your nails and use a shiny polish. Combine this nail shade with silver glitter and decorate your nails with sparkling rhinestones.


6. Pastel Purple and Black Nails

Create a gorgeous mani with a pale purple nail polish and use a black color to make an eye-popping design on two of your fingernails.


7. Purple Ombre Nails

Want to try something new? A mesmerizing ombre for your nails is a brilliant choice. Start with nude nail color and transit to a purple shade for the tips.


8. Acrylic Matte Coffin Nails

We guarantee you will adore these matte purple coffin nails. Create a coffin shape and your hands will look bold and classy.


9. Purple and Black Nails

Black And Purple Acrylic Nails


10. Neon Purple Acrylic Nails

Neon Purple Acrylic Nails

Purple acrylic nails look spectacular! You can create your favorite designs and spice things up with a little bit of glitter. Whenever you want to stand out, rhinestones are a good option when it comes to decoration!

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