8 Prettiest Purple Coffin Nail Designs to Try Now

According to numerous studies, the color purple symbolizes all the good things: royalty, ambition, peace, and creativity to name a few. So if you consider yourself a strong, independent woman, there’s no reason not to have purple coffin nails!

Coffin nails, also often called ballerina nails because of their similar shape, are defined by their square-ish edges. They can be short or long depending on your preference and they look absolutely stunning in purple! To see all the ways you can jazz up your coffin nails in this lovely shade, read on!


Fashionable Purple Coffin Nails

Whatever mood or meaning you’re trying to convey, let purple do the talking! Here are the 8 best coffin-shaped purple nail designs.

1. Light Purple Coffin Nails

light purple coffin nails

A lilac purple is guaranteed nail color to flatter light and pale skin tones. Try this beautiful color on long coffin nails, adding glittered purple to the tips.


2. Dark Purple Nails

coffin shaped dark purple nails

A purple metallic nail is dramatic and sure to get you noticed. We love the shine and shimmer from an accenting glittery purple nail.


3. Purple Short Coffin Nails

short coffin shaped purple nails

Wear both light and dark purple on your coffin nails by making an ombre effect or alternating the colors on each nail. A metallic purple can also make a beautiful contrasting accent nail.


4. Long Purple Coffin Nails

long purple coffin nails

For spring time, let your coffin nails reflect the season by choosing a very light shade of purple. Butterfly decals outlined in black or simple nail stickers will bring your nails to life!


5. Matte Purple Coffin Nails

matte purple coffin nails

These purple matte coffin nails are so bright and vivid, they practically glow! This color will no doubt show off your dramatic extra long nails.

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6. Glittery Purple Nails

purple coffin nails with glitter

Going out on the town this weekend and want a gorgeous sparkly purple nail design to catch the lights on the dance floor? Choose glittery nails that won’t let you down.


7. Purple Acrylic Coffin Nails

 purple acrylic coffin nails

These cute lilac purple coffin acrylics are great for both spring and summer when a cheery manicure with soft color is what you’re looking for. This person chose to add colorful sprinkles to the long pinky nail, an adorable touch that doesn’t take a lot of extra effort.


8. Light Purple Ombre Nails

purple ombre coffin nails

Start with a nude on your long coffin nails and let it fade into light purple for a soft ombre effect. This two tone nail design is enough to do at home if you don’t feel like visiting the nail salon.


Which purple coffin nail design is your favorite? Make sure you save this list of guaranteed trendy designs so you can be stylin’ for springtime or any other time you feel the desire for a manicure with a punch of color!

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