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18 Summer Shellac Nails: The Only Manicure Idea You Need

Shellac nails, as you already know, are a special kind of gel nails which come in a great variety of colors. The creator of shellac nails, Creative Nail Design (CND), has introduced some bright colors as power polish.

You can paint your nails with these bright and colorful nail polish as shellac summer nails. Let’s see how you can do that from the below list of the best inspirational summer shellac nail designs.


Summer Shellac Nails to Adorn Your Nails

Shellac nails are most popular for it’s extended durability and variety of colors. Bright colors are considered as summer colors.

So, I am going to discuss some bright colors as summer shellac nails in this article. Keep your eyes on the following list to know about the best summer shellac nails.


summer shellac nails



summer shellac nails



summer shellac nails



summer shellac nails



summer shellac nails



summer shellac nails


#7. Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti cnd Shellac

This is the most discussed summer shellac colors. The vivid and vibrant color is absolutely stunning with respect to summer nails. You can paint your nails with Tutti Frutti shellac color to have these shellac summer nails.

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#8. Tropix

shellac colors - tropix

This is another peachy color from CND that gives a bright and eye-catching look. Paint your nails with Tropix color coat in order to have these summer shellac nails.


#9. Grape Gum

Grape Gum cnd shellac

Grape Gum is the name of this color. You can paint your nails with this color while having shellac summer nails.

#10. Wildfire

This color is a variant of red color. The color looks as intense as the name Wildfire. This could be your best shellac pick to have as summer nails.


#11. Banana Clips

Yellow is not a dominating color in nail design industry. But, you can use this color as a summer color. Banana Clips is the shellac version of neon yellow. This color looks so noticeable which is a prerequisite of summer nails.


#12. Tango Passion

shellac nail- tango passion

A blend of very thin and fine glitters and the purple color is the main attribute of this color. Tango Passion will enhance the beauty of your shellac nails this summer.

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#13. Electric Orange

Electric Orange shellac colors

Electric Orange, the name says it all. This is a bright orange color that is one of the perfect summer shellac colors. Paint your nails with this color to get some stunning summer shellac nails.

#14. Lobster Roll

Shellac CND has created a few shades of red, orange and pink. They seem similar apparently but there is a distinct difference. Lobster Roll is something between orange and pink.


#15. Hotski to Tchotchke

If you are a glitter lover, this is for you. Make the best use of this shiny summer shellac colors in this summer. This teal hued color is a bit complexly named as Hotski to Tchotchke by CND.


#16. Lilac Longing

CND Lilac Longing

Another glittery colors from shellac to adorn your precious nails with the glamour of Lilac Longing when you are having summer shellac nails.


#17. Hollywood

shellac nail colors

Red is the ultimate choice for summer nails. Hollywood is one of the most popular variants of shellac red colors. You can paint your nails with this color to celebrate this summer.


#18. Art Basil

summer shellac nail color

If you are looking for something green, this is the only color I’m presenting to you. The name of this color is Art Basil. You can try this as summer shellac nails.

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Shellac CND is so rich in respect of the variety of colors. So, you’ll not face any difficulty to pick up the best one to apply that on your nails. We have mentioned some of the summer shellac colors, there’s more out there. You can try them too to get the best summer shellac nails done at your fingertips.

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