People are so busy with their long-scheduled works that they can hardly enjoy life to the fullest. But, vacation is the only time when we get the opportunity to go crazy with the people we love. Summer vacation is the prime time to go on a tour.

If you sit idly at your living place then it is not a vacation at all. So, traveling is a must to make the maximum use of the holidays of summer vacation. Beach is the most preferred place to spend a vacation.

Extra attention should be given to the outfits you will be wearing during the vacation. And, you can paint your nails with vacation nail designs to add enthusiasm to your vacation days.


Vacation Nail Designs to Celebrate Holidays

The vacation period is the only time when we have the chance to spend some quality time with our friends and family.

All around the year, we keep waiting for a long vacation to celebrate the holidays. So, it’s really important to take notable preparations for the holidays. Having vacation nail designs could be the fast and easiest way of showing that you are ready for the vacation.

Most of the girls ask for the best manicure for a beach vacation and some ask for vacation nail colors, here I am answering all your queries.

#1. Short Vacation Nails

Short Vacation Nails


#2. Coffin Shaped Vacation Nails

Coffin Nails for Vacation


#3. Ombre Vacation Nails

Ombre Vacation Nails


#4. Beach Vacation Nail Art

Beach Vacation Nails


#5. Vacation Acrylic Nails

Vacation Acrylic Nails


#6. Vacation Gel Nails 


#7. Winter Vacation Nail Design


#8. Couple of Trees

Acrylic vacation nail design

This is a simple vacation nail art. A couple of coconut trees suggest the idea of spending your time at the beach with your beloved. You can have this simple design as vacation nail designs.

Embrace Festivity with Winter Nail Designs


#9. Caribbean Vacation Nail Design

Navy vacation nail design

Caribbean beaches are the best to spend some joyful time. The vibrant culture and fun-loving attitude of the Caribbean people will blow up your mind.

You can have this navy blue themed Caribbean vacation nails for the vacation nail designs.


#10. Vacation Nail Colors

neon color vacation nail

Most of the girls become perplexed about what colors they should choose before going on a vacation. Here is a suggestion for you.

You can choose bright neon colors for this purpose. Vacation is something blissful, and bright colors will add more happiness to it.


#11. All Set

Everything is set, now it’s time to get lost in enjoyment. This design illustrates your readiness to embrace the vacation. You can paint your nails in this way to show that you are all set to go on vacation.


#12. Honeymoon Vacation Nails

Some vacation is the most cherished one in a lifetime. The honeymoon is something like that for newly married couples.

You can paint your nails with the tropical theme of spending honeymoon. You can spend a memorable honeymoon at the grand pineapple beach in Jamaica.


#13. Let’s Stay Close

black and gold vacation nail

We all pass hectic days at our workplaces. It’s really tough to manage a large amount of time to stay close and attached to our beloved people.

Vacation is the perfect time to stay close to the closest hearts. These vacation nail designs in black and golden glow are speaking your heart out.


#14. Peaceful Vacation

Some people love to be calm and quiet. This nail art is only for them. The images look so attractive yet calm and quiet. You can have beautiful vacation nail designs like this one.

Summer Essentials: Dolphin Nail Art


#15. Beach Toe Nails

beach toe vacation nail

Beach nails have become so popular that girls are embellishing their toes with beach designs. You can also have these beach toenails as vacation nail designs.


#16. Summer Nails

If you want to enjoy the summer at the connecting point of a beach and hills, this is the perfect design for you.

The design is resembling a complete picture of a natural landscape. You can have these summer nails as vacation nail designs.


#17. Loosen the Anchor

Loosen the anchor of your boat to get lost in the wild. A vacation must be something utterly adventurous. Let’s go beyond what you know.


#18. The Flamingo

flamingo vacation nail design

There are hundreds of hotels and resorts named Flamingo worldwide. Among them, Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo is the most renowned.

This is situated in Las Vegas and a dream place for a lot of people to spend their vacations. You can have vacation nail designs like this one while staying at the Flamingo. Add some glitters to one or two nails for the extra added glee.


#19. Shining Holidays

This design is shining brighter than other vacation nails. You can draw some of your favorite places and activities on your nails to have designs like this one.


#20. The Togetherness

You can have this nail art to express your desire to celebrate the togetherness with your beloved.

Sometimes, it really gets hard to say that you are dying to get his/her company. But, a simple nail design with a purple hue like this one will talk for yourself.


#21. Beach Vacation Toe Nails

vacation toe nail design

Don’t keep anything being neglected while going on a vacation. Your toes too deserve as much attention as the fingers are getting. You can adorn your toenails with vacation nail designs like this one.


#22. Happy Hours

mermaid vacation nail design

A vacation means having a pile of happy hours. You can have delightful mermaid nails like this picture done on your nails as vacation nail designs.

Slay New Years Nail All Around


Vacation actually provides us with space to breathe. We can feel ourselves only on a tour or a vacation. A vacation reminds us of our own selves, we get the time to listen to the beats of our hearts.

You just can’t leave your nails not cared for and pampered on a vacation like this one. So, start designing your nails for the upcoming vacation.

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