25 Nail Ideas for Teens to Rock

There are thousands of nail designs out there but all of them are not suitable for teenagers. Most of the nail designs are meant to adorn the nails of adult girls. So, you must be careful while choosing the right nail design.


Nail Design Ideas for Teen Girls

Below are 25 of our favorite nail ideas for teen girls.


black and white nail design for teens



teens summer nail designs



gel nail designs for teensgel nail designs for teens



winter nail design for teens



teens acrylic nail designs



teens ombre long nails design



teens toe nail design



teen titan nail design



teens spring nails design



teens powder nail designs


#11. Fading Moon

long square nail for teen

Moon is the symbol of beauty. You can draw the image of fading moons as teenage acrylic nail designs. The long square nails look like the dark sky of the night. And the moon is fading away gradually. This is one of the decent nail designs for teens.

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#12. Wrap It Up

red tip solar nail design for teen

This is a cute solar nail design for the teenagers. If you are planning to go to a party, especially, birthday celebration party or Christmas party, this could be the best design. Wrap your nails up with these beautiful nail designs for teens.


#13. Rose Nail Art

Flower nail design for teens

You get to love flowers if you are a teenager. The tenderness and innocence of the teenagers can be resembled by rose nail art like this one.


#14. Winter Nail Art

Winter is the season of festivals. Being a teenager you must be very excited about the celebration of these festivals. So, don’t be late to get these snowflake nail designs for teens in this winter.


#15. Be a Foodie

We all used to eat chocolates as much we could when we were younger. Still, these foods ignite the craving inside me. You can paint these acrylic nails having the names of your favorite foods inscribed on them.


#16. Color Drops

This a simple nail design for the parents who are here to find the right fit for their teens. You can use such simple nail designs for teens adding some color drops to the black base of your child’s nails.


#17. Teddy Bear For Teens

Teddy bear is one of the most adorable things to the girls. Teen girls love to squeeze the cute face of a teddy bear when they feel lonely. draw teddy bear on one nail and polka dots on remaining to create this perfect nail designs for teens to her fingernails.


#18. Feel Like a Butterfly

Teens are like butterflies. They are so beautiful and colorful but tender and soft inside. You can feel like a butterfly after having this kind of nail designs for teens.


#19. Love for Cartoons

cartoon nail design for teen

Teenagers are always at a critical stage that they can’t act as a child nor as an adult. Sometimes, they get ridiculed for watching a cartoon like a kid. If you want to defy all these things, you can have your favorite cartoon character drawn on your nails as nail designs for teens.


#20. Ice-cream Lover

There wouldn’t be any teen who doesn’t like to eat ice-cream. This is a perfect nail design for your teen. Try these beautiful nail designs for teens on the precious nails of your baby girl.


#21. Gold Glitters

It will not be considered as a crime if you have a bit shiny designs on your nails. Dear teens, no worry, you can have this beautiful rose gold glitters nail design while adorning your nails for any special occasion.


#22. Happy Colors

You can have some bright colors like yellow, pink, blue painted on your nails to express the inner happiness you possess.


#23. Mickey Mouse

mickey and Minnie nail design for teens

Mickey & Minnie Mouse is the favorite character of every baby girl who watches cartoons. Some of them become so obsessed with this character that they love her even when they grow up. If you are a teenager like this, have these  Mickey Mouse nail designs for teens.


#24. The Routine of Life

nail design for teen girl

Sometimes, teenagers get bored of the routine life they lead. You can illustrate the boredom on your nails by painting your nails like this design.


#25. Feel Like a Jewel

Jewel nail design for teens

Teenagers often feel low about their life and friends and family. Don’t ever do this. You are a real jewel to your friends and family. You may get hurt by their actions but they didn’t mean it for sure. Feel like a jewel with these nail designs for teens having beautiful diamonds painted on them.


There is no rulebook about which nails are supposed to be used as nail designs for teens. But, you must be careful not to choose any nail designs that don’t go with their age. Hope you’ll be able to find the right fit for yourself or for your teenaged girls from this article.

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