23 Peaceful Pastel Pink And Yellow Nails for 2024

Pastel pink and yellow nails could be the best choice if you don’t like it too bright or vibrant.


Pastel Pink and Yellow Nails

Using these colors will give a stunning look to your nails. But, it’s not mandatory to use pink and yellow only! Use other pastel colors while having pastel pink and yellow nails.

#1. Pastel Pink and Yellow Coffin Nails

pastel pink and yellow coffin nails

If you want to recreate these gorgeous pink yellow nails, create a floral design on your ring fingernail and use some tiny rhinestones to decorate the base of your index finger. 


#2. Pastel Pink Stiletto Nails

pastel pink stiletto nails

If you’re all about the brands you are wearing, or just simply love Chanel, this manicure is for you! Keep your nails in a stiletto shape and add their precious logo on the middle fingernail. 


#3. Short Pastel Pink and Yellow Nails

Short Pastel Pink and Yellow Nails

It’s a fact! Pink and yellow gorgeously blend and why not mix these beautiful colors on your short nails?


#4. Pastel Yellow Nails with Glitter

pastel yellow nails with glitter


#5. Pink and Yellow Ombre Nail Art

pink and yellow ombre nails


#6. Pastel Yellow Nails on Dark Skin


#7. Pastel Pink Acrylic Nails

Pastel Pink Acrylic Nails


#8. Gold + Pastel Yellow Gel Nail Art

pastel yellow acrylic nails


#9. Pink & Yellow Flower Arrangement

floral Pink-Yellow pastel

You can use pink and yellow pastel colors in marble patterns to adorn your nails with this beautiful design. These pastel nails will look good on your nails.

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#10. White Edged Pastel Nails

Pink & Yellow Pastel in White borders

At first, paint your nails with pink, yellow and baby blue pastel colors. Then paint the edges of your pastel nails with white color to get this design. These white-edged pastel pink and yellow nails are really amazing.


#11. A Band of Colors

Band of Mixed Pastel Colors

In most of the pastel nail designs, baby blue and pink are the most used colors by prominent nail artists. You can mix a shade of yellow, pink & white color to get this pastel painting.


#12. Wear Bowtie

Bowtie on pastel pink

Bowtie is used in a lot of Nail arts to make the nails more gorgeous. You can tie a pink bowtie on your pink pastel nails to have these nails.


#13. Marginal Lines

Marginal Lines in Pastel colors

Just paint the two marginal fingernails with yellow and pink & adorn the other nails with any pastel colors as you like to get this amazing pastel pink and yellow nail art.


#14. Edgy Yellow

Yellow Edged Pink Pastel nails

This is a simple but unique design. Firstly, Paint your nails with pink pastel color. You can paint the bottom edge of your nails resembling the shape of the lunula.

Then, Design your nails with the gentle touch of yellow on the top edges of these pastel nails.


#15. The Pastel Team

Trendy Mixed Pastel Colors with Polka Dots

Pink, baby blue, mauve are the main three colors that are widely known as pastel colors. You can add yellow to the team and paint each nail with a different color. You can draw some polka dots to have a trendy design of pastel pink and yellow nails.


#16. Pastel Pink And Yellow Acrylic Nails

Natural & Simple Pastel Nails

If you don’t like anything fancy, keep it plain & simple. Simply paint your nails with pastel colors & use pink and yellow as dominant ones.


#17. Elegant Pastel Nails

Gorgeous Stones & Studs in Pastel Nails

You can try this sophisticated pastel nails design having pastel pink and yellow nails. The stones and studs are complementing the ballerina nails.


#18. Pastel Almond Nails

Pastel Color Oval shaped Nails

You can adorn your almond nails with the grace of pink, yellow, baby blue and some floral designs. These nails will look great if you can design them perfectly.


#19. Orange Patterns

If you cut an orange horizontally, a nice circular shape will be exposed. And, there will be some natural patterns drawn as default. Try these patterns on your nail. And color them with pastel pink and yellow.

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#20. Matte Pastel Nails

Matte pastel nails

This design is not for the shine lovers. If you love to keep the surface dull and flat, this matte nail could be your go-to design. Use pastel pink and yellow colors along with other colors to get designs like this one.


#21. Mixed Leopard Pattern

Leopard pattern is a largely used design in nail art. You can draw some leopard patterns in between pastel pink and yellow nails.


#22. Summer Queen of Colors

Summer pastel nails of pink and yellow colors

If you love the charm of different colors, try this design. Chevron patterns and flowery designs are the prime elements of this design. Other colors are used along with pastel pink and yellow nails.


#23. Cute Rabbit

Cute rabbit pastel pink and yellow nail design

Being creative is always a plus point for the fashionista. You can use pastel pink and yellow colors in an innovative way as depicted in this picture.

Green mint pastel color can be of great use to associate the pastel pink and yellow nails.

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You don’t have to add much to beautify yourself with pastel nails. Pastel colors are beautiful themselves and peaceful to be looked at. If you want to have pastel pink and yellow nails, this article is especially for you.

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