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30 Dramatic Two Tone Nails to Take Over Instgram

Two tone nails have become most favored nail design currently. The trend in the fashion world is changing so fast that you have to modify each nail designs as per the current fashion to prove yourself trendy. Modifying the trend, most of the girls are using more than one polish in the same manicure which’s been introduced as “Two Tone Nails”.


Two Tone Nails to Double Up Style Game

The process of applying dual tone nail polish is very simple. You can choose any of the two colors randomly. There is no hard and fast rule in this regard. Select any two colors, just make sure to use them in a well-organized way. You may get ideas to paint your nails in two different colors from the represented Portraits.


two toned yellow nails

two toned yellow nails



two tone chrome nails

two tone chrome nails



two tone shellac nails

two tone shellac nails



solar two toned nail

solar two toned nail



two tone matte nail

two tone matte nail


#6. Two Tone Glitter Nails

two tone glitter nails


#7. Two Tone Coffin Nails

two tone coffin nails


#8. Two Tone Orange Nails

two tone orange nails


#9. Two Tone Acrylic Nails

two tone acrylic nails


#10. Two Tone Purple Nails

two tone purple nails


#11. Two Tone Blue Nails

two tone blue nails


#12. Two Color Nails

Black & Red Two Tone Nails

The trick of two tone nails is so simple. Paint your nails with two plain colors together, you don’t have to apply anything fancy to get these nails done.

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#13. Fade Two Tone Nail Polish

Faded Two tone Nails

You can paint nail polish of two colors as if they get faded at the connecting point. This will create an interesting effect at your fingertips.


#14. Strawberry Print

Two Tone Strawberry Printed Nails

This is a unique dual tone nail art. You can paint each of your nails with two colors that represent a strawberry print. Paint the lower edge of the nails with green and the rest of the nails with the second color.


#15. Shiny Two Tone Nails

Two Tone nails in Shiny look

This design is for those who love sparkles. If you want to make your look shining and have a two color design altogether, you can try this design.


#16. Classy Two Tone Nail Art

Black & Magenta Two tone nails

This is a simple but elegant nail design. Divide your nails by two colors bisecting them at an angle. Color one side with black color and the other with magenta or other variants of red or purple. These nails painted two tone will look awesome.


#17. Two Tone Toenails

Toe two tone Nails

Nail designs are no more confined to only fingernails, you can decorate your toenails with the charm of two colors. These dual color nails will look stunning if you can design them perfectly.


#18. Stylish Edges

two tone french manicure

French manicure technic can be the best example of two tone nail polish. I mean that’s what the beauty of french nails.

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#19. Two Tone Ombre Nails

Ombre Two tone Nails

Ombre nails are one of the most used versions of dual tone nails. The difference is that you have to use only two colors in two tone nail art whereas there’s no limit in ombre nails.


#20. Two Tone Summer Nails

Summer two tone Mani

It’s not mandatory to paint all the nails with the same two colors. You can use a different set of two colors to paint each nail. This will make the mani more colorful and you’ll have some summer nails at your fingertips.


#21. 2 Tone Gel Nails

Gel & Two tone Nails

Don’t worry if you want gel nails and want to beautify your nails with two tone nail art. You can have that design too!


#22. Stripes from Different Angle

Two Tone with Stripes

You can place stripes on your nails from different angles. Then paint the two different side of the nails which have been divided by the stripes with two different color. You will rock the party if you wear these two tone nail designs.


#23. Black vs Silver

Two tone nails in Black & Silver contrast

Black and silver can produce a stunning nail design jointly. Use silver glitters on black nails to get these amazing two tone nails.


#24. Pinkish Delight

Grey edged pink two tone

A gentle touch of pink color has changed the overall look of these nails. You can also try this nail art by painting the edges of your grey nails with sheer pink.

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#25. Two Tone Leopard Print

Animal printed two tone nails

The fashionistas have been using leopard prints in their outfits for a long time. Now they are using it for the nails too. You can design your nails with a two tone leopard nail print.


#26. Two Tone Chrome Nails

Chrome Two tone Nail design

Chrome nails are the first choice for ultra shine lovers. Some girls love these mirror-like nails so much that they don’t miss the chance to include chrome nails in each nail art. These two tone chrome nails are for them.


#27. Two Tone Red Ombre Nails

You can paint your nails with red and black gradient nails while having two tone nails. The two colors get mixed so smoothly in the middle. This creates an aesthetic ambiance on the nails.


#28. Black And White

Black & white two tone nails with studs

A two-color design is incomplete without the pleasant presence of black and white. These two colors are really inseparable. Paint the two halves of the nail with black and white color respectively. Put a gold stud on each nail to get the best output.


#29. Pink Two Tone Nails

Two bright and shimmery colors are used in this nail design. You can paint your nails this way to have such beautiful and charming colors on the two tone nails.


#30. Gold and Silver Toenails

Glitery Toe two tone Nails

This is the best demonstration of a party pedicure. Most of the girls are concerned with only their fingernails. If you want to set a new trend, you can try these glittery two tone toenails.

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Some More Two Tone Designs You Can Opt for


Day by day, people are becoming more careful about their nail designs. You can modify these two tone nails by adding rhinestones, studs, glitters etc. You have to be innovative in order to keep pace with this trendy world.

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