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30 Heart Nail Designs to Ignite Your Romantic Soul

Show your nails how much you love them by shaping a heart nail design. Your hand will spark pure joy, happiness, and delight and you will want to flatter them and show them off on any occasion.


Heart Nail Designs

These heart nail design will make people discover your romantic side will adore your cute, girlie manicure.


heart gel nail design

heart gel nail design



broken heart nail design

broken heart nail design



valentine heart nail design

valentine heart nail design



red heart nail design

red heart nail design



3d heart nail design

3d heart nail design


#6. Blue Heart Nails

Royal blue heart nail

If you are really in love, sometimes you face heartbreak for sure. Love is something that gives us pleasure along with pain. So, more or less you’ll feel blue at times. But, don’t get depressed at anything, you can shout our your sorrows through the voice of your nails. Paint your nails with blue heart shapes.


#7. Black and Red Heart Nails

Shimmery heart nail design

This is a happy looking nail design. If you have bliss in your mind, this will be the perfect heart shape nail design for you. The outlook of this design creates a notion of happiness. So, be careful not to wear them on a sad occasion. You can use silver glitters to make these heart-shaped nail designs glow.


#8. Simplicity of Heart

simple heart design nail

If you have a simple heart, you can have simple heart shape designs on your nails. Avoid all the complexities of nail designs, paint any of your nails with a heart shape using color drops.


#9. Sky Is the Limit

sky blue heart nail idea

There is no limit fixed for love. Love can fly as high as it wants. For love, the sky is the only limit. You can draw this theme on your nails. Draw some heart shapes on your nails illustrating white clouds on them. Paint the heart shape in a way as if they were floating on the clouds.


#10. Black Nails With Heart In The Middle

You can give this design a space in your heart. negative space is very effective to draw shapes like that of a heart. You can have this negative space heart shape nail designs at your fingertips using navy blue nail polish.


#11. Elegant Heart

You don’t have to talk about some designs. They themselves do the talking. This is that kind of design. This design is looking so elegant with that cute heart shape. You can have designs like this one for heart shape nail designs.


#12. Hot Pink Heart

hot pink & black color heart nail design

Pink is the ultimate color to express things like love and romance. You can use hot pink and black color to paint a hot heart. These pink nails look awesome if you can design them properly.

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#13. Red and Black Heart Nails

red and black heart shape nail design

Red nails are mostly used for painting heart shape. The heart is the sole organ that pumps blood through our body and blood is red. This idea somehow makes the heart shape and red color a compatible pair. You can use this pair to have heart shape nail designs on your nails.


#14. Abundance of Love

This is a simple design in the sense that heart shapes have been used in this design repetitively. You can draw heart shapes of different sizes to have designs like this one. Different shades of pink and glitters will do good while having heart shape nail designs.


#15. Cracked Hearts

Loving someone means that you will feel broken at times. There is no perfect relationship on this earth either nobody is perfect. So, your heart will get cracked sooner or later. But, this is not the end of your love. It gets mended most of the time by the who caused the cracks.


#16. Heart Tip Nail

heart tip french nail design

This heart tip french nail looks so simple yet gives an elegant look to your nails. This easy peasy design is something you can have as your everyday look.


#17. Heart Locket

You can paint a heart locket on one of your nails to have designs like this one. Use some rhinestones to give it a luxe look.

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#18. Let It Fly

Balloon heart nail design

This design may mean a deep thought if you can take it that way. These heart-shaped balloons are flying high keeping a thread far below. Likewise, when you are in an affair never try to captivate the mind of your beloved. Let him/her fly but make sure to have a thread on your control. Bring them back whenever you feel the urge.


#19. Gold Heart

This design is so chic that anyone will fall in love with this design. Design all the nail with a chevron pattern, then accentuate one nail with heart shape design on gold and pink nails.


#20. A Heart Full of Stars

You can have galaxy nails drawn on your nails. Paint some galaxies in the heart shape of white nail bases. That will do the trick.


#21. Colorful Hearts

colorful heart nail design

Our hearts are supposed to be full of colors. The heart is the source of love and affection, sorrow and happiness. So, it is a heart that consists of every feeling we feel every day.


#22. Love Is a Game

playing card heart shape nail

Wait wait! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think love as any sort of game but the world of the internet is full of quotes like this one. I’m just referring it to name this particular design. You can draw heart shape and playing cards to have heart shape nail designs like this one.


#23. Lone Warrior

Sometimes, you have to fight the battle all alone. You can have this design by painting a heart shape along with glitters on any one of your nails.

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#24. Red and White Heart Nail design

This design is exactly what the name is suggesting. Paint a cluster of hearts on each nail. You can use white and red or maroon color for this heart shape nail design.


#25. Peaceful Heart

No matter what if you don’t have peace at your heart but this nail design looks so peaceful. You can have this peaceful heart shape nail designs drawn on your nailbeds.


#26. Gray And Polka Dots

These white polka dots on grey nails look stunning. You can turn this beautiful design to one of the heart shape nail designs by adding one or two heart shapes in between the gray nails.


#27. Heart-Shaped Wedding Nails

wedding nail design with heart

White-tipped nails are being used largely in wedding designs. You can have heart-shaped nail designs on your wedding because getting married is the ultimate goal of being in love.


#28. Striping Beauty

Stripes look beautiful if they are used with great efficacy. You can have striped nail as an accent nail among other pink nails. The pink heart looks beautiful in between the black and white stripes.


#29. Stunned In Black

black tip heart nail design

Black is the color that will stun you every time you take it lightly. These black tip nails look astonishingly beautiful with the heart shapes. You can have designs like this one as heart shape nail designs.

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#30. Stiletto Hearts

heart tip stiletto nail

Stiletto nails look gorgeous in red color. And, you can turn them easily into heart shape nails. The tips of these nails are pointy so you don’t have to work with the narrow portion of the hearts. Just draw the other side of the heart shape in the middle of the nails. You can use diamonds for these heart shape nail designs.


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