How To Do Nail Art: 12 DIY Nail Design Inspiration

Nail art is not a luxury anymore. Girls from every class, cast, and locality is doing nail art these days. But, it costs a lot to have a quality design drawn on the nails.  If you can do something yourself then why wasting money on hiring experts? Yes! I am going to illustrate different tutorials about designing nail art at home all by yourself. You don’t need to go to a beauty salon or don’t need to pay anybody. Have a close look at the tutorials and try to DIY(do it yourself).


How To Do Nail Art Step by Step at Home

Any kind of art demands some handy tools which are used when the designs are applied. You need some available and cheap materials to design your nail. Most of the times these things are found at home, and we don’t even know that they can be of great use. So, its the chance to utilize them rightly. Tape, toothpicks, newspaper, sponge, cotton buds etc simple thins can do extraordinary work concerning nail art. Let’s see how they work in the realm of nail art. Read this article to know how to do nail art.


#1. Butterfly Nail Art

How to Do Butterfly Nail Art

You can have these butterfly nail art done by following simple 6 steps. Use nude colors as the base then draw butterflies in deep pink colors. You can use glitters too.

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#2. Mermaid Nail Art

How to Do seashell Nail Art

This design is so gorgeous. You can use a simple net to paint the nails in seashell patterns. Follow the steps accordingly to get this design done. 


#3. Converse Nail Art

DIY Converse Nail Design

This nail design looks so cute and funky but the process is so simple. Select a base color then draw the converse on your nails with white color. your baby girl will love this nail design.


#4. Tribal PatternsDIY Tribal Nail Art

The tribal pattern on nail has become popular lately. You may wonder about how these patterns are drawn! Here is the answer to all your queries.


#5. 3D Nail Art

3D nail art looks so real that people get confused when they see them. Here is a tricky tutorial showing you how you can have 3D nail art. You can try this white flowery design as per the picture.


#6. Colorful Nail

When you see this delicate design you may never think that the application process is so simple. These delightful color nails can be achieved by using a needle upon the thick nail polish. See the instructions given in the picture.


#7. Chevron Nail Art

Chevron nail art can be done so easily by following these simple steps. Place these thin tape as per chevron shape is concerned on the base coat of the nails. Then apply nail polish on them, Remove the tape and your chevron nails are ready.

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#8. Ombre Nail Art

How to Do Ombre Nail

Ombre nails have always been on my bucket list. I waited to expose the application process of these nails in one of my articles. Here it is. You can use a piece of sponge to paint the color shades perfectly in the ombre style.


#9. Tape Nail Art

Step by Step Tape Nail Art

Using tape is a great secret in the nail art industry. I have unfolded the mystery in this article. You can use tapes to draw many excellent patterns for your nail art. Here a simple design has been shown so that you can understand the procedure.


#10. Water Marble Nails

This special kind of designs, water marble nails have become the buzzword in the nail fashion world. These designs look so exotic but the process can be done at home. You don’t have to use water in this nail art. There is another way of having marble nails without water. In that case, you have to draw the swirls yourself by using a toothpick.


#11. Galaxy Nails Tutorial

Get lost in the infinity of the space looking at Galaxy nails. Having these nails is a bit tough. You must be very patient while doing this nail art. Try not to mess the mixture color pigments and glitters.


#12. Christmas Nail Art

Step by Step Christmas Nail Design

Christmas nail art is a hot cake now as the biggest religious festival of the Christians are ahead of us. So, it will be wise if you learn the art of designing Christmas nails. Here are the instructions to have the Christmas nail art done easily in simple steps. You can use glitters and green color for the Christmas tree and rhinestones to resemble the lighting.

Watch Video Compilation of Nail Art for More Design Ideas

Nail Art Compilation 😀

OPEN FOR MORE INFO*** Watch my other compilations: Nail art compilation of almost all of my 15 sec instagram tutorials ^^ If there are any of these you’d like a slower version for, just let me know in the comments!

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To sum it all up, I must say that designing nails at home is more satisfying than designing them at a salon. You will feel the emotional attachment to these nails if you design them yourself. You get to love them more than any nails you have ever got. So, my suggestion is: if you have enough time and passion for doing the nail art, do it yourself. It will give you much contentment in less money.

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